Stern Groep N.V. is one of the largest automotive groups in the Netherlands. Stern is a listed company, financially solid and generates annual revenue of almost € 1,000 million with more than 1,850 (FTE) employees. 90% of its employees are male and 10% are female. 80% of the employees have permanent contracts. The shares of Stern Group N.V. are listed on Euronext Amsterdam.

With Dealergroup Stern, Stern has near-national coverage and represents 17 leading car brands including Mercedes-Benz, Renault, Nissan, Ford, Volvo, Land Rover, Kia and Opel. Stern has 75 branches in its network. Total sales of new and used passenger cars and light commercial vehicles amount to nearly 47,500 units.Stern also offers services such as leasing, rental, insurance, finance, extended warranty, (brand-certified) car body repairs, light commercial vehicle interiors and lettering and electric vehicles for urban mobility.Stern distinguishes itself by means of strong relationships with its customers and suppliers, committed and expert employees with specific knowledge and an extensive portfolio of relevant products and ancillary services. This enables us to respond effectively to current social and technological developments.

Foreword Chairman of the Board

The past year featured the preparation of Stern for a leap forward in the international consolidation of car distribution. The first step was made with the sale of the lease operations to ALD Automotive, a notable transaction, combined with a long-term partnership agreement. The consolidation in the lease market is currently accelerating as a result of mergers and acquisitions, and the growing popularity of private lease.

Key figures

(x € 1 million)


Corporate social responsibility is an essential part of Stern’s strategy. Stern is looking beyond its profit and loss figures and is consciously focusing on the consequences of its business operations for people and the environment in both the short and the longer term. Stern looks for sustainable solutions that deliver a social and/or environmental benefit in combination with a direct or indirect financial gain.

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Materiality matrix

Stern involves its stakeholders closely in the formation and further development of its CSR policy. Stern’s major stakeholders are its customers, car importers, suppliers, employees, shareholders, financiers, umbrella industry organisations, local and national government and social organisations.

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Ability to create value

With its integrated business model, Stern creates value with various capitals: financial, human, physical and natural, concrete output in the form of mobility solutions, customer satisfaction and business continuity as well as in the form of more socially relevant outcome, such as road safety, reduced CO2 emissions, innovation in the chain, continuity in mobility and employment.

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Material topics

This reports describes the efforts made with respect to sustainability in 2019 and the results achieved on the 10 material topics. The original materiality matrix that was formulated on the basis of internal and external stakeholder dialogues at the end of 2016 was reformulated at the end of 2018. This led to minor recommendations based on further insights that have been adopted by the Management Board.

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