Managing Board

Mr H.H. van der Kwast (1954, Chief Executive Officer) has been associated with Stern and its legal predecessors since 1993, and has been a director under the articles of association and Chief Executive Officer of Stern Group since June 2000. Mr der Kwast is also a major shareholder via Merel Investments B.V. Mr Van der Kwast invested in the RIVA businesses in Amsterdam in 1993, which were making significant losses at the time, and over the past 27 years has built Stern into the market leader in automotive retail and services in the Netherlands.

Supervisory Board

A. Roggeveen MSc

D.R. Goeminne
(1955, chair)

Mr. M.E.P. Sanders
(1953, vice-chair)

Mr. drs. P.P.M. Nielen

Mr. S.G. Brummelhuis

1. Huub van den Brule
Directeur Stern 2
2. Bastiaan Geurts
Directeur Corporate Affairs
3. Olivier Hoffmann
Groepscontroller Stern Groep
4. Marco Vlaar
Directeur Stern Mobility Solutions
5. Henk van der Kwast
6. Dwight de Weerd
Directeur Stern 1
7. Finus Porsius
Financieel directeur Stern Groep
8. Loes van Dalen
Directeur Human Resources
9. Rob Visser
Directeur Stern 5 en directeur Stern Car Services
10. Guus Baris
Directeur SternPoint
11. Gerrit Klock
Directeur Stern 3
12. Matthieu Snel
Directeur Stern 4